Maximizing Growth Through Strategic Contact Management

Strategic Contact Management

✍️ Keeping a database of everyone you interact with is crucial to growing your business, regardless of your company’s size. This holds true even for the smallest of companies that may not have a formal CRM system.Β 

The Power of Timely Reminders in Marketing

Whether it’s through email or direct mail πŸ“¨, the ability to send timely reminders about your services to an expanding list of contacts is one of the most basic strategies for drumming up new business. It’s astonishing how many positive responses can be sparked by well-designed postcards, seasonal email newsletters, or text messages featuring a special offer.

Contact Management

Ecommerce Email Flow Strategies for Networking Success by Robert Vanselow

Curating a consistent flow of communication is like a secret weapon βš”οΈ in our one-and-done world. Building a strong network hinges on maintaining regular touchpoints. Think of it like an ecommerce email flow series – you should be touching base at a steady cadence, and ramping up communication when there’s something important that needs execution.

Strategic Management

β­• While ‘circle back’ might not be our favorite term, that one additional follow-up could be the key to clinching a crucial partnership, securing a client, or more, according to Robert Vanselow. βž• A useful tip for managing databases: jot down not just demographic details like age, gender, and location, but also firmographic information such as company size, industry, and revenue.

The richer the data, the more successfully you can target your campaigns.

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