Search Engine Marketing

As the #1 way to send targeted traffic to your site and services, end-to-end search engine marketing, management, and optimization must go beyond simple keyword selection, bidding, and tracking. Paid search, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is very complicated. This complexity makes it hard for many advertisers to succeed. Often, they are thrown into the high-cost game of competing for keywords without the right tools or knowledge of the market. However, our network is composed of search thought leaders with disciplined knowledge, technology, and processes. With their expertise, we aim to maximize an advertiser’s paid search traffic and customers while minimizing their costs.

Turning Clicks into Revenue

Successful pay-per-click advertising goes beyond traditional bid management and extensive keyword portfolio strategies. However, online advertisers must also understand how consumers search online and their buying behavior. Additionally, it’s crucial to grasp the critical factors influencing their purchase decisions. Another key aspect involves having the right team (internally or externally) and tools in place to conduct proper research. Moreover, they should create innovative strategies, determine the most efficient media spend, and develop effective messaging. This comprehensive approach allows for the constant refinement and optimization of campaigns.

Having the Right Foundation

One of the most common discoveries in online marketing audits, particularly those conducted for pay-per-click advertising, is a flawed foundation. Without a solid paid search foundation supporting all media investments and optimization efforts, achieving ROI success or increasing market share becomes challenging. In essence, if a paid search advertiser’s campaigns are built on a shaky foundation, little can be achieved in the long run.

Marketing Where it Counts

While it’s true that last-click attribution has been a common approach, savvy online advertisers have moved beyond this limitation. They recognize the need to determine where their marketing dollars will be most effective. The transparency of the web allows us to employ innovative tracking technologies for more accurate attribution. Additionally, insights from several proprietary marketing technologies, available for licensing, provide valuable assistance in understanding how to assign value to different elements in a paid search campaign. This holistic approach to proper attribution leads to more effective budget allocation, resulting in not only increased sales but also a lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or cost-per-lead (CPL).

Technology Arsenal

Online marketers desiring to excel in the paid search arena must be equipped with advanced tools, specifically the most up-to-date technology for research, tracking, analytics, and competitive intelligence. Being able to garner and drill down to the most granular data fosters a company’s competitive advantage.

Detailed data enables paid search managers to manage campaigns efficiently and optimize efforts with precision. This granularity also provides rich insights used in web analytics; the insights gained are then used to chart new strategies for increasing ROI and market share. Marketing intelligence uncovers competitors’ online marketing weaknesses, including those in PPC advertising. This provides opportunities for others to tap into opportunities for building their businesses.

Let’s Talk Search

With the help of some of the leaders in paid search, we have created innovative campaign strategies and managed thousands of PPC campaigns as well as millions in media dollars. With an outstanding track record of using pay-per-click advertising to help companies grow their market share and enter new markets. We will work with and push management to come up with new paid search strategies and improve the performance of campaigns.