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business marketing strategies Affiliate Marketing at Mediafy by Robert Vanselow

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based program where publishers promote products or services they enjoy and earn a commission for each sale they generate. However, selecting the right affiliates is crucial to avoid spending money on unqualified clicks from irrelevant sources. For example, social media, email, and search marketing.

As your Fractional Digital Director, we assist in placing your direct response offers on carefully chosen publisher sites that are contextually relevant to their target audience. This strategy ensures that the traffic generated is of high quality. We focus on paying for desired actions and conversions, specifically email opt-ins, information requests, registrations, completed applications, or actual sales.

By partnering with us, we can optimize your affiliate marketing efforts, reaching the right audience, and maximizing your return on investment.

Direct Mail

Direct mail, a traditional method of reaching prospects, continues to be popular due to its effectiveness. As a result, there is a wide range of mailing lists available to direct marketers.

However, the copy for direct mail has evolved to become more engaging and captivating. Nowadays, direct mail articles and information present it in a much more enticing manner. Despite the digital age, direct mail remains one of the most successful marketing mediums, as mailboxes are no longer cluttered with excessive promotional materials. The proper execution of direct mail campaigns still holds significant value in the business world.

Prospecting with direct mail requires a combination of research skills, industry knowledge, and experience in utilizing this technique effectively. We have assisted clients in navigating the multitude of mailing list options. Furthermore, we provide recommendations based on the affinity of the lists to clients products or services, past list performance, and other valuable insights gained from extensive experience in the direct marketing industry.

marketing strategies Direct Mail at Mediafy by Robert Vanselow
business marketing Shopify Web Development at Mediafy by Robert Vanselow

Shopify Web Development

Whether you’re a brand-new store or a brick-and-mortar looking to transition, our expert Shopify developers will bring your retail business online. Mediafy has been focused on end-to-end e-commerce development across a wide range of verticals. This requires our team to be involved in the entire process, from concept to layout to UX. Additionally, we take charge of drafting content, building out the initial product catalog (SKUs), launching the site, crafting the digital marketing strategy, analyzing KPIs, and optimizing the site.

As the project manager, we work with front- and back-end designers, API integrators, and developers (to connect the e-commerce platform with ERPs, CRMs, and automated email marketing and messaging tools). We also collaborate with financial teams to set up payment portals, data entry teams to clean up and standardize product data, and the clients’ or their agencies’ media teams. But in some cases, we run the initial paid media campaigns ourselves.

Our Shopify Website Development Services Also Include:

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